What GPS is right for you?

If you are one of these people that spend countless hours driving, but are not sure where you are going half the time. Well a GPS could really make your life that much easier, the only problem when buying a GPS is there are so many different brands and this can make choosing one very difficult. The first question you really need to ask your self is, how much are you really willing to spend? Once this has been answered your choices get narrowed down a lot.

Will the device be used outside of the vehicle?

There are some GPS’s out there which just happened to be designed for this exact use, they are normally very light and easy to walk with. These devices wouldn’t just have road maps stored on them, it would also have terrain stored on them, for example you can use your road map to get to the hiking trail, then use the GPS again to navigate through that trail. Rechargeable batteries would also have to be considered in this, if your sitting in a car for 5 hours, you might want to plug it into some sort of power supply.

Is the screen sufficient?

Obviously the screen will need to be big enough for you to see with out having to strain your eyes but at the same time, small enough to not block your view as you are driving. When buying make sure the screen is easy to see in all lighting conditions, its no good getting a GPS for the day but not being able to use it at night or in very bright sunlight. If it is a touch screen, is it big enough for you to be able to touch with out miss pressing the buttons. If you want to drive safely, make sure its a small screen but if the device has voice command, then it doesn’t draw your attention to the screen.

Is the device easy to use?

For many users a voice commanded GPS with a touch screen makes the GPS devices a lot easier to use. When you pick it up, make sure the menus are user friendly, make sure they are easy to touch and go through. Make sure the maps are pre installed, you get some GPS now days which don’t have them installed, unless you know how to install a map, i recommend to stay away from them.

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