How to geocache

1.) First of, you must have a GPS, you can purchase one, rent or borrow but you must have one.

2.) Find a geocaching waypoint site you like and subscribe to them, they can offer you cool  features such as cache waypoints. You then program them into your GPS.

3.) On each website it will have a search feature, it will then have a list of caches near you and some which require a bit of travel.

4.) Pick your cache carefully, the cache will have to interest you, make sure it is in a suitable terrain for you.

5.) Pick the coordinates you want to go to and store them in your GPS, when it comes time to hunt for the cache, just press it and get the map up on your GPS.

6.) Bring a small type of trinket with you, something not expensive but don’t just take the treasure out the cache without putting anything in. You don’t do this because the next person after you will not get any treasure.

7.) Using the arrow as a guide, make your way towards the cache.

8.) Once you find the cache, look at how it has been hidden. You will need to replace it in the same way.

9.) Open the cache and look at the trinkets and goodies which are within the cache. If you don’t like anything in there, then just leave it in there but normally you replace your trinket with one of the other ones within the cache, normally they are equal or greater value.  You are not required to take an item but if you feel the cache is poorly stocked, there is nothing wrong with leaving your trinket behind.

10.) When you open the cache, look for the logbook which is stored in there. Make a entry in the book, you put the: date, time and your caching username. It is also a nice feature to add in there how your journey was getting to the cache. Also log what you traded into the cache and what you took from the cache.

11.) Close the cache back up, make sure it is sealed correctly, then put it back in the same place you found it.

12.) That is the end of your journey, you can always go back home and log the cache and your experiences on your online account.

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