Dominican Republic Maps

The Dominican Republic does have maps but they are not massively detailed but they are still good for navigating your way around the country. There is a wide range of Dominican Republic maps but I feel that the National Geographic – Dominican Republic Adventure Map, is the most detailed one and will provide you with the biggest gain when you visit the country. All of the Dominican Republic Maps can be found over in our store…

Google Maps

The extensive mapping done by google is making its Dominican Republics maps more and more up to date by the day. Ok, they haven’t uploaded these to there actual Google Map site but they can be found on there Google Map Maker. You may be asking why that is, well, in the maps there are still some mistakes but in General, them maps are completely revolutionary for the Dominican Republic. These are by far the most detailed maps the Dominican Republic has to offer. The Dominican Republic maps that are currently on the market are outdated but they outline the major roads needed to travel to the majority of the major cities.


This is the first Dominican Republic map on a GPS, granted, it is not a whole map of the Dominican Republic but only a GPS map of the capital (Santo Domingo). From personal use of this device, it is a must have if you are going to the Dominican Republic and you are looking for a map of the capital. It has everything you need on it, restaurants, movies, easy to direct, voice commands and much more. After using this for a week, i feel like i know the city that much more and has helped me to learn my way around Santo Domingo. The great thing is the map it self can be plugged into any Garmin device and can then be used in the Dominican Republic.

You now have the map, how do you read it?

We have you covered on this, through out the site there are numerous documents which provide useful information for you to learn the skills it takes to read a map or a GPS. Also it goes further then just a simple road map, maybe you want more, like hiking, we also have you covered there. Check out the links bellow to see the information.

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