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What is GPS?

GPS stands for the Global Positioning System, this is connected to a system of space satellites and receivers that allow people and devices to pinpoints the precise location on earth. The system relies on 24 satellites that orbit the earth twice a day.

This system was first launched in 1974 and the last satellite was launched in 1994, the system is operated and maintained by the United States Department of Defense. This system is free for anyone to use, when a satellite seems to be aging, a new one is launched to replace it. Since technology has increased so much in recent years, it has plummeted down in the cost to run but they are getting more accurate every day. It has come so far that a 100 dollar GPS can easily plot your journey from one place to another.

The use of a GPS is becoming more globally used, it isn’t only used in the car or some sort of vehicle. Now fishermen are using them to find their fishes and people are using them for hiking or even games like geocaching. Even the military use GPS to navigate through a war zone.