Dominican Republic Maps

. The Dominican Republic does have maps but they are not massively detailed but they are still good for navigating your way around the country. There is a wide range of Dominican Republic maps but I feel that the National Geographic – Dominican Republic Adventure Map, is the most detailed one and will provide you with [...]

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How to use a GPS

Tips for using a GPS 1.) This step may sound stupid but a lot of people tend to forget to even turn on the GPS, so turn on the GPS. 2.) When you buy your GPS in the box there should be an instruction manual, this is very important so don’t throw it away. Before going anywhere [...]

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How to read a map

Scale A map will always have a scale, especially if it is a navigational map, this scale can usually be found in one of the corners. This scale can then be used to give you a approximate distance for your journey. How you measure this is by getting a ruler or some sort of measuring device [...]

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What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a new outdoor sport which the whole family can get involved in, its great for exercise and it can be a very good bonding experience. People all around the world have put little treasure chests (a container of some sort) all around the world, some are in easy places to get and some [...]

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How to geocache

1.) First of, you must have a GPS, you can purchase one, rent or borrow but you must have one. 2.) Find a geocaching waypoint site you like and subscribe to them, they can offer you cool  features such as cache waypoints. You then program them into your GPS. 3.) On each website it will have a [...]

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What GPS is right for you?

If you are one of these people that spend countless hours driving, but are not sure where you are going half the time. Well a GPS could really make your life that much easier, the only problem when buying a GPS is there are so many different brands and this can make choosing one very [...]

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